Love at Second Sight is an award-winning educational video that challenges and changes perceptions about appearance and acceptance. Facially different David Roche and his wife Marlena Blavin share stories that encourage a spellbound middle-school audience to take a second look.


Decade of Progress: Juvenile Justice Realignment highlights California’s success in transforming its juvenile justice system. Starting with the passage of Senate Bill 81, the state’s probation departments have implemented and improved a localized, evidence-based approach to reduce juvenile incarceration rates.


Merritt College: Home of the Black Panthers focuses on the party’s roots and influences at an Oakland, CA community college during the 1960s. Using exclusive interviews with founding party members and rare archival footage, this production won a national Gold Medallion Award.

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  • California Forward  

  • Peralta Community College District

  • Ombudsman Services of San Mateo County  

  • Kannon Do Zen Center

  • K to College 

  • Veolia Transportation 

  • Dog Star Media     

  • CalWellness Foundation

  • Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center   

  • Veteran’s PATH   

  • Caliber Learning Network

  • Chief Probation Officers of California

  • Casey Family Fund