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Video engages audiences, and study after study proves that users prefer it to text. Video sparks emotion and prompts immediate responses.

Streit Productions has more than 20 years of experience creating award-winning documentaries, video shorts, training and educational media. Our guiding mission is to produce “Visual Media For Social Change.” We collaborate with foundations, non-profits, and visionary companies in their efforts to re-imagine the ways they present their message. We help them to expand and promote their efforts to serve our communities. Learn more about Jo Streit >

The ability to motivate constituencies to take a desired action – such as donate, volunteer, engage with elected officials, learn new material, and/or share a link on social media platforms – is central to your organization’s success. We work together to help you tell the stories that best represent who you are and bring your organization’s mission and values to life.

… to enhance your entire communications plan

  • All the studies agree, users prefer video. 72% of people said that they’d rather watch a video than read about an organization’s product or service.

  • Videos generate 1200% more social media shares than text and images combined.

  • 80% of users can recall a video that they watched in the past month.

But the cost, time, and know-how needed to produce videos are often barriers to organizations that could benefit most from videos’ impact. Streit Productions excels at offering its clients a long-term visual media strategy that surpasses the traditional focus on creating a single video, because our goal is to aid your entire communications efforts.

We guarantee that our approach offers long-term value and will:

  • Increase the amount of useable digital content your organization gets from a single video production, including multiple videos, still photos, audio, and even text.

  • Create and manage an archival media library that benefits your organization now and in the future.

  • Share the copyright and release all unused video footage to you instead of just the finished videos.

  • Offer creative ideas on how to leverage these digital assets for use on your organization’s website, printed materials, and more…


Love at Second Sight is an award-winning educational video that challenges and changes perceptions about appearance and acceptance. Facially different David Roche and his wife Marlena Blavin share stories that encourage a spellbound middle-school audience to take a second look.


Decade of Progress: Juvenile Justice Realignment highlights California’s success in transforming its juvenile justice system. Starting with the passage of Senate Bill 81, the state’s probation departments have implemented and improved a localized, evidence-based approach to reduce juvenile incarceration rates.


Merritt College: Home of the Black Panthers focuses on the party’s roots and influences at an Oakland, CA community college during the 1960s. Using exclusive interviews with founding party members and rare archival footage, this production won a national Gold Medallion Award.

Here’s a select list of some of our clients:

  • i.e. communications       

  • California Forward  

  • Peralta Community College District

  • Ombudsman Services of San Mateo County  

  • Kannon Do Zen Center

  • K to College 

  • Veolia Transportation 

  • Dog Star Media     

  • CalWellness Foundation

  • Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center   

  • Veteran’s PATH   

  • Caliber Learning Network

  • Chief Probation Officers of California

  • Casey Family Fund


Are you ready for your close-up? Many people dread public speaking, so imagine a camera recording your every word and action and having it live online in perpetuity.

Whether you need to face the press, address your colleagues and constituents or a room full of strangers, Jo Streit can show you:

  • Specific techniques to improve your delivery and allow your authentic self to shine through so that you connect with audiences every time.

  • Why body language says more than words and how to ensure that your message and body are saying the same thing.

  • How you and your message really come across on-camera. A key component of this workshop is time in front of the camera for participants, followed by specific ideas on how to improve each individual’s performance. Seeing is believing!


A new approach to communications planning for organizations that want to use video, yet require a strategy that saves time and money while delivering superior results. This workshops offers specific tips to maximize visual media content while broadening the ways you can use it to reach and inform your target audiences. Includes real examples of visual media strategies that work.


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Jo Streit has spent her entire career either in front of or behind the camera. An award-winning producer of public education campaigns, documentaries, and training videos, she has decades of experience working with foundations, nonprofits, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies. 

“I’ve never seen a credit role with only one name. Video is a collaborative medium and we know how to work with clients to produce memorable, authentic stories that stay with viewers. My true passion is for real life narratives that uplift, engage, inspire, and demand attention for the people and organization doing good work. The digital age has given these organizations a stronger voice with a global reach to tell others directly about their work. Together we can create visual media for social change.” 

As a working actor and award-winning public speaker, Jo also knows how to tell a good story and can show you performance skills that will elevate all of your appearances - on-stage or in front of the your camera.

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“Working with Jo Streit was truly a gift. After many false starts and disappointments, her on-camera coaching transformed my performance. She sees what is needed and offered me concrete suggestions in a firm but allowing place so I could express myself naturally & effectively. I still use her ideas whenever I perform.”

MARLENA BLAVIN, Speaker, “Love at Second Sight”



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Ready to integrate videos into your communications plan? We can help your organization develop a customized visual media strategy that leverages digital assets from a single video production. Building your archival media library is one of our specialties, and our creative and cost-effective production services make it possible. If your organization is interested in bringing its stories to life, engaging and inspiring audiences to action, then send us a message or email directly.

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